10 month old MacBook Pro needs a good home

January 11th, 2007

I had to send my MacBook Pro in to repair a failing fan this week. Since it’s rather difficult for me to earn an income with no development machine, I bought one of the new MacBook Pro’s to replace it.

I’ll be selling the old one as soon as it comes back. It’s an original 15” MacBook Pro running at 2.0GHz with 2GB of RAM and the 100GB hard drive. It’s 10 months old, so it has over 2 years left on the AppleCare warranty. Make me an offer if you’re interested in buying it. Serious offers only please. If I don’t get any acceptable offers by next week, I’ll put it up for sale on ebay.

Update: The MBP just arrived back from Apple and the fan has been fixed. They also replaced the new top assembly in order to fix a “crunchy” trackpad button. This means that, while the keyboard is not new and has had my grubby fingers all over it, the area where your delicate hands rest is beautiful virgin aluminum.