My name is Keith Morrison and I'm a freelance software developer based in Portland, Oregon. I focus primarily on Ruby and Ruby on Rails application development. I'm for hire.

You can contact me at keithm@infused.org.

My Open Source Projects

  • DBF is a small fast library for reading dBase database files [Ruby]
  • ansel_iconv converts ANSEL encoded text to any other character encoding
  • Blame adds automatic userstamps to ActiveRecord models [Ruby]
  • Retrospect-GDS is a simple, fast genealogy application. Translated into 10 languages. [PHP]
  • Test Injector is a test injection plugin for Rails [Ruby]
  • ActiveRecord Datadumper is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that can be used to dump records into a format suitable for adding to migrations or rake tasks. It supports record filtering, column filtering, and the remapping of column names. [Ruby]
  • See all my public projects on github

My Commercial Projects

  • SyncMonkey syncs Volusion store customers and order data with Mailchimp